Here We Go Again …

June 1st began a new half marathon training season for me. This time for the Marine Corps Half Marathon here at Camp Lejeune, NC.

I started with a canned Garmin beginner half marathon plan, but it didn’t stick after two weeks. The Garmin plans are based off of time (30 minute run, 45 minute run, etc) and that just doesn’t work for me, right now. In its place, I’ve pieced together what I think is a good, simple and doable plan to get me in a shape to actually finish the race.

I’m hoping that with the increased running and I’ll be more motivated to keep this space updated.

We’ll see how that works out …

I am Afraid

I am afraid.

I’m not generally a fearful person, but I am afraid.

The Flying Pirate Half Marathon is this weekend (May 6th) and I have done zero training (In fact, I haven’t actually run even a mile since March 2nd) and I am afraid.

There is a freedom, though, in not having prepared at all for this race. I have no expectations and no goal, save to survive and be able to begin some sort of training during the following week.