JaxNC Transportation:

I’ve started a new project called JaxNC Transportation (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter).

Through it, I’ll be covering transportation news and issues that directly, and sometimes indirectly, affect our lives as Jacksonville-area residents. Let’s all be honest: Transportation affects all of us, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. My hope is that with more information available, we’ll all have the opportunity to leverage the positives and minimize the negatives.

There’s a lot happening in Jacksonville in transportation.

Two of the three biggest corridors (NC Highways 24 and 53 (Lejeune and Western Blvds, respecitively)) have upcoming “corridor studies”. Recently the Highway 24 Corridor Study [Warning: It’s a PDF] caused a bit of drama with business owners so misinformed that they accused JUMPO and City of Jacksonville staff members of planning to shut down their businesses in secret, when in fact there had been public meetings and an article in The Jacksonville Daily News from April 2011!

The City will be expanding [Warning: It’s a PDF] the Jacksonville Transit service and planning a multi-modal transportation center. Hargett St is being resurfaced soon and having bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure installed. Camp Lejeune is building a new entrance and cross-base freeway from the Tarawa Terrace housing area to Mainside.

Transportation is key to any city and keeping informed is important to our community. JaxNCTransportation is going to become the best place for that information. I’m hoping it’ll become a space for serious conversations on transportation planning in Jacksonville, as well.

Come participate.


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