Ride to Downtown Jacksonville and Then Home – August 22nd, 2012

Today was a long riding day. 10.9 miles from my office to the Bicycle Gallery and another 6.1 miles to home.

It was a nice ride weather-wise. Pretty cool (high 70s) until it started raining and then dropped to pretty chilly (low 70s).

There’s one question I got for Camp Lejeune, though. Why in the devil is there a giant plastic barrier of death completely blocking the bicycle/pedestrian multi-use path right at the Main Gate facility? It’s ridiculous! And dangerous.

I made it to the Bicycle Gallery with no drama and dropped off my bike for potential additions (kickstand) and adjustments (loose headset and crooked handlebars). No dice on the kickstand. They didn’t have a rear-mounted model that would fit. The adjustments were perfect though.

While the bicycle was getting a checkup, I hustled over to Jacksonville City Hall and participated in the public workshop for the potential Jacksonville Multimodal Transportation Center. Great presentation and information. I think such a center than unifies the transportation options in Jacksonville will really make getting around easier.

The ride from downtown to home was uneventful. Rain started about a mile and a half from home, but it wasn’t too bad. I discovered upon arriving home that I had ridden with a trunk bag pocket unzipped. The pocket held my sunglasses and house keys. Neither jumped ship, so yay!

Strava data for the rides are here and here.

If bicycle commuters are interested in meeting up for morning or evening snacks and chat, let me know!


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