Ease into 5k: Week 3 Days 1 & 2 and the Fitness Plan Going Forward

Now that the knee pain has pretty much resolved itself, I’ve been back into the Ease into 5K business.

Two workouts in and everything seems to be okay. Week 3 Day 1 and Week 3 Day 2 Strava data is linked.

I may not have time to complete Ease into 5K before October 20th, but I’m confident that without further knee injury, I’ll be fit enough to run and finish the race…Maybe even within my goal time (31 minutes).

I also did a really nice almost-14 mile bicycle ride on Saturday.

I called it my “first-ever Lycra-ride” on Facebook and Twitter…And it was. I’ve never before ridden my bicycle wearing only spandex. The Specialized BG RBX bib-shorts are awesome. I’ve never been so comfortable as when I started wearing them on the bicycle, even with my standard shorts worn over. On Saturday, though, it was just the bibs and a jersey (some blue Specialized model. Nothing too fancy.). I was way more comfortable than I expected and, since it was early enough that there were few folks out, I wasn’t terribly worried about what I looked like.

The ride was great. Five laps around Carolina Forest Blvd and a loop through Carolina Plantations. I even won a King of the Mountain for a Carolina Forest Blvd lap. I’m sure that’ll last all of a week, if that long.

My plan going forward is thus: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Ease into 5K. Tuesday and Thursday: 100 Pushups and 200 Crunches (the workouts, not actually 100 pushups and 200 crunches…). Somewhere in there I’ll be working in bicycle commuting (probably Tuesdays and Thursdays) and longer rides (Saturdays or Sundays).



2 thoughts on “Ease into 5k: Week 3 Days 1 & 2 and the Fitness Plan Going Forward

  1. Congrats on the Lycra only ride lol. I will typically ride in Lycra unless I am going to work. I think might be uncomfortable for myself and my coworkers if I went walking through there in a cycling kit.

  2. Thanks, Chris.

    Usually I wear a pair of nylon Pearl Izumi shorts over the bibs, but really didn’t see the point if I was just riding laps. Can’t say it was more or less comfortable without them. I don’t see myself really riding much without the bibs though. Those bad boys are awesome!

    I’m shopping for a “real grown up road bike” and The Bicycle Gallery and I’ll probably never wear shorts over the bibs on it.

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