2013 Fitness Goals


The new year of 2013 is upon us, my friends.

As per the new year’s trope, I’m listing my goals for the next year with the hope that the public documentation will keep my honest, motivated and held accountable.

I think 2013 is going to be a banner year for me and fitness. I’m already registered for a running event in February (The Krispy Kreme Challenge) and I’m really motivated to lose some weight by my 35th birthday in April.

First the definite goals. These are the goals that I’m focused most on.

  • Run a 10k – Once I’m sure I can finish, we’ll work on time goals! There’s several local 10ks during the year and I’ll have plenty of time to get in shape to finish. I’m using the Ease into 10k iOS app.
  • Lose 20 lbs by April 19 – This, I think, may be the hardest goal. I really like food.
  • Consistent yoga practice – Onslow Fitness has a weekly yoga class and there’s a pretty cool meetup group (JOYoga Project) that lists other local yoga classes.
  • Consistent bicycle commute – I’ve really failed at the bicycle commuting during 2012. I’ve got to fix that.
  • Write blog updates on my progress. I think week-in-review with a week-ahead-plan format will work to keep me accountable.

Then the maybes:

  • Run a half-marathon – the NC Half-Marathon has an awesome course through the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and an even more awesome finishers medal!
  • Learn to swim – It’s true, I cannot swim. I have some mental blocks here, but watching Mini swim has kind of made me think I could learn. I suppose this will require getting into water, which is a significant challenge for me.

I think these are pretty reasonable goals and I’m sufficiently motivated that I don’t think I’m setting myself up for de-motivating failures.

Do you have fitness goals for the new year? What are they?


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