Wrightsville Beach Jingle Bell Run 5K Race Report

Ann Marie and I ran the Wrightsville Beach Jingle Bell Run 5k this morning. It’s the first race I’ve run in many years (7? 8? 9?), it was Ann Marie’s first ever race and it was a pretty darned awesome experience for both of us.

We were pre-registered and had picked up our race packets (included a very nice long-sleeved T!) Friday, so Saturday, we just hung out until race time.

The pre-race events were pretty low-key. There was a DJ playing holiday music and a couple hundred folks just hanging out in the chilly morning. Some folks wore costumes. We saw elves, reindeer and a Santa or two. Also, some “naughty girls”.

The race course was, literally, a “run around the block” of Wrightsville Beach. Except the block isn’t square so much as a triangle. The course was sidewalk the whole way with some areas of open roadway. We passed marshy areas, the town park and crossed two bridges over intracoastal waterways. It was really nice.

When the race started, we were in the back, where we belong. I jogged along with Ann Marie for about the first quarter mile and then proceeded to speed up slowly (very very slowly). And, really, by “speed up” I mean very minimally going faster than she.

There really wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff happening during the race. I mean, really, it’s people running for 3.1 miles. How exciting can that be? Especially since I’m a “back-of-the-pack” kind of guy. A lot kids were running the race and ran it well. I was impressed (the overall #2 was a 14-year old!).

I finished at an official time of 38:23 (Strava says 38:17?) and Ann Marie finished in 47:08 (Strava 47:01). So, we both have Personal Bests to compete against at the next 5k we run.

At the finish there was soda and pizza and water. We grabbed a couple slices of cheese pizza and a Diet Cheerwine and took off. We were cold and damp (sweaty!).

Strava info is here and the official results are here and photos are here. (I’m photos 790 through 792 and 922) and Ann Marie is 924. No, I don’t really know why there are 4 photos of me and 1 of Ann Marie. Really, she’s better to look at!)

We’ll definitely be doing the race again next year.


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