Fitness Week in Review: December 17th to December 23rd, 2012

This is an ongoing series of posts reviewing my week’s worth of exercise and fitness activities and looking forward to the week ahead. Hopefully it’ll keep be accountable for my fitness goals.

  • Exercise
    • I ran Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with some folks from the Asphalt Junkies Running Club. It’s much more fun to run with other folks and I really appreciate the more advanced runners taking the time and making the effort to run with me. Saturday’s 3 miles were on the gym treadmill. Let me tell you, running on the treadmill, while warmer and more convenient than outside, sucks. But I did it and got the miles in and that’s what counts. I did not run Sunday. We had Maggie for her holiday with us and had spent the day in Wilmington. AM and I had a date night dinner at Hops Supply Co. and the tremendous burger combined with being extremely tired when we got home around 11pm made me give in to my laziness.
    • I haven’t had any real pain issues or anything serious (which is significant after the last three attempts at Ease into 5k) but my calves were very happy Friday was a rest day. I’m in the market for a foam roller, so if any of you folks have suggestions, please let me know.
    • I wanted to, but alas didn’t, get to the gym to do any other exercising. Maybe moving the Tuesday run to mornings will clear up the evening for a yoga class.
  • Food
    • You can see the details of what I ate at my MyFitnessPal food diary.
    • It’s still a struggle to not eat out so much. It’s just easier sometimes…And I’m pretty lazy, so easy wins most days. Also, the Big John from Jimmy John’s is excellent!
  • Weight:
    • Beginning of week – 191 lbs, body fat 30% on Monday, December 17th.
    • End of week – 189.5 lbs, body fat 29.5% on Monday, December 24th

The week ahead:

  • Repeat week 1 of the 12 week half marathon training plan (four 3-mile days and a 4-mile Sunday). This is a continuation of the “soft start”…I’ll be running week 1 of the plan for two weeks and the actual start is December 31st. I need to work harder at maintaining a constant pace. I’m shooting for 12:30 – 13:00 minutes per mile pace for the training runs, but generally going a bit faster (11:30 – 12 minutes per mile).
  • My goals for the week:
    • Continue running 3 days during the week and the weekend runs.
    • Make more of an effort to exercise at the gym on the off-running days.
    • Do better at meal portion control. I don’t necessarily eat bad food, I think I just eat too much.

It’s been a great week. How’s your week been?


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