Fitness Week in Review January 7th to January 14th, 2013

This is an ongoing series of posts reviewing my week’s worth of exercise and fitness activities.

  • Running:
    • I ran most of week 2 of the 12-week half-marathon training plan. I skipped a day (Thursday). I can’t do that too often. Not because I necessarily need the extra fitness from one day of running early in the plan (though I do!), but because I need the structure of a plan and I need to follow it pretty strictly. Skipping one day leads to skipping two which leads to skipping three…And then why bother? So I do have to stick to plan…At least mostly.
    • The running is still going great.
  • Food:
    • This week was ok on food. We ate out a couple times, but nothing too crazy and I did a mostly great (patting myself on the back a bit!) job of self-control, especially when one of the Marines brought donuts to the office on Thursday (I had one jelly-filled munchkin). Friday was definitely a bad day. I was fine until we left Jacksonville to pick up Mini at swim practice in Wilmington. On the way, we had Taco Bell and on the way back we had KFC. Neither is the healthiest choice, but together they’re the Voltron of bad food decisions. And then there was a dinner at Cheddar’s Casual Cafe on Friday the 11th…Talk about bad food choices. I got the Buffalo Chicken Wrapper. And ate it. All 2,200 calories! Whoopsie…
  • Weight:
    • Beginning of week – 185.5 lbs, 29% body fat
    • End of week – 185.5 lbs, 29% body fat
  • The week ahead:
    • Running: I’m starting week 3 of the half-marathon training.
    • General Exercise:
      • Yoga. Really. I’m going to keep listing it until I really do start going. I get a “bye” for the last few weeks as they’ve not held the class due to the holidays, but I’ve got to figure a way in there.
      • I need to figure out a solid strength training routine. Nothing too crazy, but something to add a bit of muscle and tone up the fat. Mostly arm, back and core related, I’d think? Does anyone have suggestions?

It’s been a darn great week for me. How was your week?


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