Sunday Music: Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton


Today is the day everything changes

Today, Monday July 15th, 2013, is the day everything changes. Today is the day I change.

Since April, I’ve gained every pound lost while getting ready for the NC Half-Marathon. For perspective, I weighed about 185 pounds on race day (March 24th) and now weigh 199.5.

I haven’t eaten well or exercised and it’s become pretty obvious.

Today, that changes.

First, the food.

  • All the food gets measured and recorded in My Fitness Pal or it doesn’t get eaten. It’s silly, but my eating habits are really a lot better when I keep track.
  • No soda. This will be a hard one…I’m pretty addicted to soda, especially Diet Coke.
  • No fast food. No Cookout, no Wendy’s and no Burger King. Really, it’s the Cookout that gets me. It’s fast, cheap and pretty darned tasty. But no more.
  • I will have plentiful, healthy snacks available. I make much better food decisions when I have healthy snacks. Walnuts, almonds, fruits and vegetables will become my snacky little friends.
  • Second, the exercise.

  • There will 5 running workouts a week:
    Tuesday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekday runs will be of medium length (3-5) miles, Saturday will be a short run (2-3 miles) and Sunday will be a long run (7-12 miles). I’ll be leveraging the Asphalt Junkies for early runs during the week for peer pressure. Saturday and Sunday runs will be “destination” runs. Sometimes it’ll be running to a place (gym, coffee, whatever) and sometimes it’ll be running at a place (park, beach, wherever).
  • I’ll be bicycle commuting twice a week. The week will start and end with bicycle rides. Ordinarily, that would be Monday and Friday, but since my work week has been cut to four days, it’ll be Monday and Thursday until October. I’m curious how my legs will feel on the Thursday run…
  • I will cross train. I don’t have a solid plan, but it involves classes at Onslow Fitness. Specifically yoga and possibly more.
  • Third, the other stuff.

  • I’ll be scheduling my sleep. By 9pm, I’ll be in bed to read until 10pm and then it’s “lights out”. No electronics in the hour from 9-10, either.
  • During my lunch break, I’ll be stepping away from my desk to relax. It may not sound like much, but it really does help me get through the day.
  • I’m going to spend more time reading and writing. The reading will be easy (hour before bed), but the writing will be more of a challenge. Maybe it’ll be journaling, maybe it’ll be essays…I’m not sure yet.
  • I need to be a healthier me. These are the first steps.

    What are you doing to be healthier?