Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

It’s time for my regularly scheduled “I’m so lazy…I’m so fat…I’ve had enough!…I’m getting fit!…I’m eating right!…Starting NOW!” blog post.

Which lasts a week and then I’m back to being all lazy, fat, eating out, not exercising and paying for a gym membership I hardly ever use.

But maybe not this time…

A while ago, Ann Marie and I went “mostly vegetarian”. We even had vegetarian Thanksgiving with Mini.

It’s an idea I’ve stolen from the Two Gomers podcast who went “weekday veg” in their 5th season. We don’t hate meat (believe, we do NOT hate meat) and we don’t have moral/ethical issues with eating other living critters. The meat we’d been eating has been overly-processed, cheap bad meat. And we got tired of it and the way it made us feel.

We’ve recently fallen off that wagon and I really feel pretty badly. Like, physically badly, not just guilty at failing at a goal. My gut is more irritable, my skin is greasier and I’ve had headaches. It’s definitely because of the lapse back into eating bad meat and fast food and drinking less water (because who drinks water with a cheeseburger? Not this guy…)

There’s going to be a renewed effort to maintain a vegetable-based diet starting January 1st.

I’m changing more than just how I eat, though.

I’m enrolled in a beginner yoga series at Infinite Yoga and Wellness. It’s three 75-minute classes a week (Friday morning and Sunday/Tuesday evenings). I’m pretty excited. I practiced fairly regularly years (and years…) ago but that studio (Yoga-N-Motion) closed and I’ve been lazy in finding a new studio to practice. I’m pretty excited about the health benefits (my neck and lower back have been painful for months), but I’m also psyched about a journaling requirement for the class.

I am returning to bicycle commuting. Certainly not every day, but most days will be traveled by bicycle.

I am returning to running. Specifically, I’m training for the Flying Pirate Double Dare Challenge (5k and half-marathon) in May. I’m also thinking about making a run for a Half Fanatics membership towards the end of the year and the Croatan 24 Hour Race has been sounding interesting for a while.

We’re talking pretty full-on life-changing changes. And it’s my intention to blog about it … So ya’ll try to keep me honest, yeah?


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