Tuesday Training: Garmin’s Beginner Half Marathon Plan

To prepare for the Flying Pirate Half-Marathon, I’m using Garmin’s Beginner Half Marathon Plan. It’s a free plan available through  Garmin Connect. When you choose a plan, it gets added automatically to the training calendar. There’s an option to add the workouts to my Garmin 610 watch. The benefit is that the watch provides prompts throughout the run to ensure goal paces are met.

The plan is pretty simple and consists of three run days and three cross-training days.

The first two weeks of runs are easy effort affairs. After that, there will be easy runs, speed workouts and long runs. The speed workouts vary between intervals, fartleks and tempo runs.

I confess to not being “in love” with this particular plan because it’s based on workout time instead of run distance (run easy for 30 minutes, as opposed to run 3 miles, easy). I’m not sure how preparing for a half marathon like that will go, but I’m giving it a solid 4 weeks and if I’m not feeling there’s progress, I’ll draft up my own plan.

We’ll see how it works out.

Have you used a canned running training plan? How did it go?


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