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Running and Bicycling Folks in Jacksonville, NC : Our Community Needs Your Help!

There have been some challenges to the Lejeune a Greenway planned to connect downtown Jacksonville with the Rails-to-Trail greenway by the new Wilson Gate entrance to Camp Lejeune.

The route, as planned, will go through the Lejeune Memorial Gardens before curving toward Highway 17 and then onward to the Rails-to-Trail greenway.

This planned route is the safest and most efficient route possible and has been agreed to by all official representatives of the memorials, Lejeune Memorial Gardens, Camp Lejeune, as well as city and state transportation planners and regulators. The Beirut Veterans of America have agreed to the planned route and oppose any deviation of the route.

I’d appreciate it if you could come to the Jacksonville City Council meeting on Tuesday at 7pm to speak in support of this important bicycle and pedestrian connection.

I have supplementary information that I can provide on request.

Please let me know if you’re going to come!