My name is Thomas…

and I’m tired.

My day starts around 4am when my phone

sounds the alarm. I should spring to life and get ready for the day.

I’m out the door at 5am to catch my ride to the van that delivers me to Cherry Point at 6:30am.

And I’m there working until 3:30pm when I take the van home.

Usually, I’m walking into my house around 4:30 pm.

That’s a long day. Hence, my energy problem.

Getting motivated to go out for a run or head over to Infinite Yoga and Wellness for 2 hours of yoga isn’t easy, even if I start the day psyched for it.

Winter isn’t going to make things easier, either…

I have some flexibility in my work schedule that may allow me to run at lunch. Maybe that will energize for the rest of the day and into yoga?

So, I need your help. What works to keep you motivated and energized after long days?


The Week That Will Be: October 29 to November 4

The plan for this week is simple: It’s exactly like last week, except I’ll try harder to whatplan-299x300execute.

Sunday, October 29th – Rest.

Monday, October 30th – Lunchtime Walk Club, Beginner Yoga, Monday night vinyasa.

Tuesday, October 31st – Lunchtime Walk Club, C25k W2D1, Tuesday night vinyasa, Gentle Yoga.

Wednesday, November 1st – Lunchtime Walk Club.

Thursday, November 2nd – Lunchtime Walk Club, C25k W2D2,

Friday, November 3rd – Rest.

Saturday, November 4th – C25k W2D3 (trail run).

My plan is to add a Sunday, Wednesday, Friday full-body workout, probably using the 7-minute workout app on my Garmin watch beginning in December. I’ll also be adding Sunday bicycle rides, depending on weather beginning in December.

I’ll also be working to remain within my 2000 calorie-per-day food limit, daily meditation practice, and daily steps goal. I want to have at least 210 “active” minutes for the week (which averages to 30 minutes per day).

What does your week look like? Do you have a goal and a plan to get there?

The Week That Was October 21 – October 28

It’s accountability time, my friends!

I’m a firm believer in reporting your plan and then your progress on a regular basis.

The Week That Was will be my regular reporting to you on how my week went. They’ll appear on Sundays and report the previous Sunday to Saturday.

Let’s dive in, yeah? Continue reading