0 to 50k in 16 Weeks – Week 2 Summary

Or the week that wasn’t. 

I ran 2 miles on Tuesday, per the plan, but the rest of the week was a wash. 

I was afflicted with a funk, as they say. 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a mood funk that I’d be able to run my way out of as much as a respiratory funk. I couldn’t breathe well, or talk, from Wednesday until … Well, I’m still having a bit of trouble with deep breaths and coughing. 

I’m hoping by Tuesday to jog a couple miles. 

I’m considering changing the plan a bit. I’ve been thinking maybe training up to a 30 mile long run isn’t a great idea. 

A New Adventure …

…that really kind of scares the crap out of me. 

It’s October 1st…And I’m a sucker for using a beginning (of a week, month, or year) as the starting point for new things. 

Yesterday I signed up for the Southern Tour 50k. Yes, I’m skipping the marathon distance and going straight to ultra. I have been extremely lazy since April and I need a big, hairy-assed goal to motivate me into action.

It’s on January 30th, 2016. That gives me four months to prepare.
I have a plan that I think is workable for me (it’ll be detailed in another post). 

It’s going to be the biggest physical challenge of my life. 2016 is my year for big challenges. 

I can do this. 

The Week Ahead February 2-8, 2015

Here’s the week ahead:

  • Monday:
    • Running – Rest day.
    • Yoga
    • 7 minute workout
  • Tuesday:
    • Running – Easy run of 3 miles.
    • Yoga
  • Wednesday:
    • Running – Easy run of 6 miles.
    • Yoga
  • Thursday:
    • Running – Easy run of 3 miles.
    • Yoga
  • Friday:
    • Running – Rest day.
    • Yoga
    • 5 minute workout
  • Saturday:
    • Running – Easy run of 3 miles.
    • Yoga
  • Sunday:
    • Running – Long run of 7 miles.
    • Yoga

The last week and a half has been pretty terrible insofar as having motivation to run. I’ve got to kickstart myself and get back into a running way.

Training Tuesday: Developing a Daily Routine

If I’m going to get things done, I need a routine. This is especially true for me related to exercise, diet, and basic fitness. I could go 100 days of the exact same routine with the exact same food and activities. But if on day 17 the routine is fiddled with, I’m off the rails and there’s little hope that’ll get back on for at least a few days.

So I have to build a routine to keep my exercise plan on track.

One of the tools I’m going to use is the7 MWC as a daily morning workout. Every day, whether there’s a run workout or not.

At a minimum, I’ll have seven minutes of exercise daily. It’ll be strength and cardio, so that will help in my woefully underdeveloped biceps/triceps/pectoral muscle groups.


Probably not, but still…Every little bit, right?

2015: It’s Going to Be a Big Year

We’re getting to the end of 2014…And the beginning of 2015.

2015 is going to be big on changes and challenges for me.

In January I’ll be moving to a new job. It’s a promotion and an hour-long commute (each way), but I’m very excited. One of the challenges will be finding making! time to run when the biggest part of my day is sandwiched between two hour-long drives. The advantage is that there are some sweet trails between the new workplace and home and I’ll be able to occasionally hit them up.

I’m going to make it work, though, because I’m committed to 2015 being a breakout year in my fitness life.

I’ve been doing a lot of plotting for the next 12 months in my fitness journey. Even though the last 6 months have seen some pretty amazing gains (losses, actually!), I’m planning for some real breakthroughs in the new year.

This is what my 2015 goals look like (at the moment…):

A lot of running:

  • Two (three?) half marathons
    • Flying Pirate (April)
    • Marine Corps (September)
    • Southern Fried (November?)
  • Marathon?
    • Outer Banks (November?)

More yoga and meditation: Twice-weekly yoga practice

Bigger focus on weight-loss goals: Get to 160 pounds by December (that’s a loss of 28ish pounds from my current 188).

Keep in mind that this is just an outline and while I have a pretty fleshed-out running training plan, I really don’t have much of a plan for everything else.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

It’s time for my regularly scheduled “I’m so lazy…I’m so fat…I’ve had enough!…I’m getting fit!…I’m eating right!…Starting NOW!” blog post.

Which lasts a week and then I’m back to being all lazy, fat, eating out, not exercising and paying for a gym membership I hardly ever use.

But maybe not this time…

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Today is the day everything changes

Today, Monday July 15th, 2013, is the day everything changes. Today is the day I change.

Since April, I’ve gained every pound lost while getting ready for the NC Half-Marathon. For perspective, I weighed about 185 pounds on race day (March 24th) and now weigh 199.5.

I haven’t eaten well or exercised and it’s become pretty obvious.

Today, that changes.

First, the food.

  • All the food gets measured and recorded in My Fitness Pal or it doesn’t get eaten. It’s silly, but my eating habits are really a lot better when I keep track.
  • No soda. This will be a hard one…I’m pretty addicted to soda, especially Diet Coke.
  • No fast food. No Cookout, no Wendy’s and no Burger King. Really, it’s the Cookout that gets me. It’s fast, cheap and pretty darned tasty. But no more.
  • I will have plentiful, healthy snacks available. I make much better food decisions when I have healthy snacks. Walnuts, almonds, fruits and vegetables will become my snacky little friends.
  • Second, the exercise.

  • There will 5 running workouts a week:
    Tuesday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The weekday runs will be of medium length (3-5) miles, Saturday will be a short run (2-3 miles) and Sunday will be a long run (7-12 miles). I’ll be leveraging the Asphalt Junkies for early runs during the week for peer pressure. Saturday and Sunday runs will be “destination” runs. Sometimes it’ll be running to a place (gym, coffee, whatever) and sometimes it’ll be running at a place (park, beach, wherever).
  • I’ll be bicycle commuting twice a week. The week will start and end with bicycle rides. Ordinarily, that would be Monday and Friday, but since my work week has been cut to four days, it’ll be Monday and Thursday until October. I’m curious how my legs will feel on the Thursday run…
  • I will cross train. I don’t have a solid plan, but it involves classes at Onslow Fitness. Specifically yoga and possibly more.
  • Third, the other stuff.

  • I’ll be scheduling my sleep. By 9pm, I’ll be in bed to read until 10pm and then it’s “lights out”. No electronics in the hour from 9-10, either.
  • During my lunch break, I’ll be stepping away from my desk to relax. It may not sound like much, but it really does help me get through the day.
  • I’m going to spend more time reading and writing. The reading will be easy (hour before bed), but the writing will be more of a challenge. Maybe it’ll be journaling, maybe it’ll be essays…I’m not sure yet.
  • I need to be a healthier me. These are the first steps.

    What are you doing to be healthier?